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Event Sourcing and Reactive Microservices

Something like the AWS serverless eco-system plays well into this. On a recent project I built an Event Sourcing / CQRS system that used api gateway to hook up to lambda functions that stored events into dynamodb. Then using the built-in EDA pipeline, was able to publish to subscribers which did “stuff”, including building up […]

AWS DynamoDB Cheat Sheet

As the lead architect for a project that involves building a fairly large Ecommerce application, with the entire backend running in an “AWS Serverless” infrastructure, I have been using AWS DynamoDB quite a bit lately. As a result of this, I am always finding myself having to lookup certain things over and over again when determining how to model tables, indexes, streams, etc…. I am a big fan of short and simple reference A.K.A “Cheat” sheets, and therefore, I decided to take a free evening and compile a list of what I feel are many of the important aspects needed when working with DynamoDB. So, Here is my list. Does it include everything, of course not, and it may become obsolete at some point given the frequency of how often AWS updates their product line.

Aspects of serverless architecture explained in this 3 part series

The software development discipline of continuous delivery has had a tremendous impact on decreasing the cost and risk of delivering changes while simultaneously increasing code quality by ensuring that software systems are always in a releasable state. However, when applying the tools and techniques that exist for this practice to serverless application frameworks and platforms, sometimes […]

Save development cost on provisioned throughput, data storage, and data transfer fees with DynamoDB Local

DynamoDB is available as a free, downloadable client-side application that you can run on your own computer. This edition of DynamoDB lets you write applications that use the DynamoDB API, but without actually using the Amazon DynamoDB web service. Instead, the database is self-contained on your computer. When your application creates a table or modifies […]

Where Can I See An Example Of A Serverless Architecture Application?

  Where Can I See An Example Of A Serverless Architecture Application? Let me introduce you to SquirrelBin, a serverless microservice based web application built with Angular, APIGateway, Route53, CloudFront, Lambda, and DynamoDB, S3 Static web hosting, all of which (excluding Angular) are serverless offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS).  This application does not even have […]

Configuration Options For AWS Lambda

 **** Since I wrote this article, there is now another option, see here *** In this article I will discuss the different configuration options for an environment that uses serverless architecture, and in particular AWS Lambda.  I will first discuss the ways this was done with servers, back in the day, you know a few months […]

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