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Another What Is Serverless Architecture Article

This is my article on Serverless Architecture. There are many like it, but this one is mine. The emergence of serverless architecture is the next shift in cloud computing, which involves abstracting software and system engineers away from explicit infrastructure, servers, server deployments, installed software, etc… Enterprise grade software solutions built with a serverless architecture […]

Migrating an enterprise monolith web application to a microservice based serverless architecture

Proud to be able to record this session at the Denver Serverless Meetup monthly meeting, where Chad Robinson will cover the following:   Real-world migration of a monolithic architecture to a serverless architecture Team makeup Resources available Goals What it’s like to scale for millions of users Two examples of services we chose NOT to […]

What’s the difference between Serverless Architecture and PaaS (Platform as a Service).

Mike Roberts has published a great article on the difference between Serverless Architecture and PaaS (Platform as a Service).  He also goes into great detail on examples of Serverless Architecture, some third party products, and mentions some of the services from Amazon AWS that are availalb to help build Servless Architectures.       Click […]

Enterprise Architectural Design Patterns with Serverless Architectures on AWS

I am currently designing the architecture for a rather large cloud system that will over the next few years need to injest billions of IoT events per hour,  run real-time analytics and machine learning algorithms against this data.  In order to pick the best platform based on requirements, I am currently evaluating the serverless platforms available from […]

How companies of all sizes can benefit from switching to a serverless architecture

There’s still quite a bit of buildup surrounding the rise of serverless architecture. But as third-party vendors are better able to provide serverless solutions, the hype has given way to widespread affirmation of the benefits offered by the architecture. “Serverless” is essentially a buzzword that refers to breaking server-side applications into functions that each accomplish […]

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