Serverless Architecture

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API Gateway

Using Amazon (AWS) Cognito, Lambda, IAM, and API Gateway to Build Secure Microservice APIs

In this article I will attempt to provide a brief overview of what is necessary in order to create an architectural ecosystem that supports role based authorization and authentication of a Restful API.  To achieve this, I am using Amazon Web Services (AWS), and more specifically the following services it provides: API Gateway Lambda IAM Cognito […]

Aspects of serverless architecture explained in this 3 part series

The software development discipline of continuous delivery has had a tremendous impact on decreasing the cost and risk of delivering changes while simultaneously increasing code quality by ensuring that software systems are always in a releasable state. However, when applying the tools and techniques that exist for this practice to serverless application frameworks and platforms, sometimes […]

What is the Serverless Framework

This post is an excerpt taken from the “Learn Serverless” book. If you’re interested in more Serverless framework related content you might want to check out the Just Serverless blog. You’ve maybe heard a lot about the serverless architecture. Maybe you’ve also tried to setup a serverless application from scratch. This is a tedious process as you […]

Where Can I See An Example Of A Serverless Architecture Application?

  Where Can I See An Example Of A Serverless Architecture Application? Let me introduce you to SquirrelBin, a serverless microservice based web application built with Angular, APIGateway, Route53, CloudFront, Lambda, and DynamoDB, S3 Static web hosting, all of which (excluding Angular) are serverless offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS).  This application does not even have […]

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