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Another What Is Serverless Architecture Article

This is my article on Serverless Architecture. There are many like it, but this one is mine. The emergence of serverless architecture is the next shift in cloud computing, which involves abstracting software and system engineers away from explicit infrastructure, servers, server deployments, installed software, etc… Enterprise grade software solutions built with a serverless architecture […]

Event Sourcing and Reactive Microservices

Something like the AWS serverless eco-system plays well into this. On a recent project I built an Event Sourcing / CQRS system that used api gateway to hook up to lambda functions that stored events into dynamodb. Then using the built-in EDA pipeline, was able to publish to subscribers which did “stuff”, including building up […]

AWS Serverless Web Day, learn about AWS Lambda, API Gateway & the AWS IoT Button

Amazon is offering a full day of live video sessions on Serverless Architecture within the AWS Cloud Environment. Overview Title: Security Boundaries and Functions of Services for Serverless Architectures on AWS Date: Thursday, June 23, 2016 Time: 10:00 AM Central European Summer Time Duration: 1 hour Summary   SECURITY BOUNDARIES AND FUNCTIONS OF SERVICES FOR […]

Using Amazon (AWS) Cognito, Lambda, IAM, and API Gateway to Build Secure Microservice APIs

In this article I will attempt to provide a brief overview of what is necessary in order to create an architectural ecosystem that supports role based authorization and authentication of a Restful API.  To achieve this, I am using Amazon Web Services (AWS), and more specifically the following services it provides: API Gateway Lambda IAM Cognito […]

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