Serverless Architecture

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Enterprise Architectural Design Patterns with Serverless Architectures on AWS

I am currently designing the architecture for a rather large cloud system that will over the next few years need to injest billions of IoT events per hour,  run real-time analytics and machine learning algorithms against this data.  In order to pick the best platform based on requirements, I am currently evaluating the serverless platforms available from […]

Software engineers need to accept that serverless brings great power, and less control.

The trend away from physical data centers toward cloud and software as a service allows businesses to get out of plumbing and work smarter, not harder. Or, in the case of serverless computing and functions as a service, the phrase should be “work dumber, not harder,” according to Ben Kehoe (pictured), cloud robotics research scientist at iRobot Corp. “We need to […]

My first experience with the AWS IoT Platform

Every time I think about where my career has taken me over the past 20+ years, I reflect back and am astonished at how the core pillars of the IT industry tend to rewrite themselves every 5ish years.  I say IT industry because it really is anything that involves technology in my opinion, not just software engineering or cloud […]

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