Serverless Architecture

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Another What Is Serverless Architecture Article

This is my article on Serverless Architecture. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

The emergence of serverless architecture is the next shift in cloud computing, which involves abstracting software and system engineers away from explicit infrastructure, servers, server deployments, installed software, etc…

Enterprise grade software solutions built with a serverless architecture can reduce the cost of development, time to market, the amount of staff needed for operations support, and overall, simplify the entire process of enterprise systems and software development.

Different serverless services can be combined together to create massively scalable platforms without having to deal with software patching, hardware failures or upgrades, and the many other pain points associated with server-based solutions.

The combination of these services is usually referred to as PaaS or Platform as a Service. In addition to this, you may have also heard the term FaaS or Function as a Service. And if that was not enough, you may have also heard another term BaaS or Backend as a Service.

Of course, we can’t end this without also including YaaaS or Yet another as a Service.

Building a serverless architecture based platform simply means that it consists of for example, some of the following services from ….. click HERE for the rest of this article.

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