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.Net C# on AWS Lambda, for real?

This article is my attempt at getting a small c# executable to run on AWS Lambda. If I am able to get a basic “Hello World” executable working, then that is all I need to really get excite and start building some real services using what I pretty much build my entire career on in the past, the .Net framework.  I have also been developing in Go (Golang) which is pretty cool also, but if i can get the .Net Core to run on AWS Lambda, well, let’s just say Microsoft’s claim since about 1999 will have finally materialized…. running native .net on other platforms besides Windows.  Let’s get started !

So I am running windows 10 right now on my wife’s laptop (another story for another day).  So right now I am downloading and installing Virtual Box, which will enable me to run additional OS instances within  my Windows environment.  Anyone reading this, probably already knows this topic in depth, so i’ll just put the link to Virtual Box here, and keep moving on.

I then had to go here to download RHEL (Red Had Enterprise Linux). To go off on an tangent for a minute, a number of years ago when I was working at a well known tech company, on pretty large .net applications, I kept telling my engineering team that the company was going to eventually push us away from Microsoft products do to licensing costs, and a few other things.  I also said that Microsoft was going to need to start embracing the open source community.  They thought I was crazy, and sure enough, about a year later they started mandating all new apps had to be built in the MEAN stack, due to license costs.  I no longer work for that company, and neither do any of the people I was close with, so not sure what they are up to now.  Anyway, back to the topic at hand.


Updated: 2020/28/05 — 11:23 AM
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