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What is the Serverless Framework

This post is an excerpt taken from the “Learn Serverless” book. If you’re interested in more Serverless framework related content you might want to check out the Just Serverless blog.

You’ve maybe heard a lot about the serverless architecture. Maybe you’ve also tried to setup a serverless application from scratch. This is a tedious process as you have to do many things manually. The Serverless framework is here to help you.

“But what’s this Serverless framework exactly?” Let’s take a look!

The Serverless framework

The Serverless framework (previously known as JAWS) is a Node.js based CLI which makes it easy for you to manage and deploy your Serverless applications.

It’s not rare that you have dozens of Lambda functions that access other AWS services such as S3 buckets or DynamoDB database tables. You can of course deploy each and every function by hand with the help of the AWS console. But as your application evolves and your code get’s more complicated it’s a pain to orchestrate everything.

Serverless makes it easy to organize all the relevant AWS resources your application needs in order to run. Lambda functions are automatically minified, versioned and deployed. API Gateway entry points which are connected to your Lambda functions are automatically created. Everything is managed with the help of CloudFormation templates.

This makes it very easy and fast to build modern, serverless web applications. You don’t need to think about servers. Just write your code as Lambda functions and deploy it with the help of Serverless.

Note: Keep in mind that the Serverless Framework is “just a CLI tool“. Everything the Serverless framework does can be done manually (but this would make application development way more painful).

The future

Big tech companies got aware of this technology and are planning to setup their architecture in a serverless manner.

The Serverless community and the Serverless core team work hard to push the framework to the next level. Take a look at the Roadmap to see what’s planned.

Create your first Serverless application now and join the great, welcoming community at

2 thoughts on “What is the Serverless Framework

  1. StackExchangeUser says:

    Hey Mark,
    I’m Philipp, (author of the post).

    Right now the Serverless framework supports Node.js and Python. Java support is in the making and should be released in upcoming versions (see this issue here:

    The team behind Serverless is really working hard to implement all the features which are provided by AWS.

  2. Mark360 says:

    What options do we have if were not using node.js as the main programming language for our lambda functions? Can we use any of this?

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