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Introducing Apex Serverless architecture with AWS Lambda

Apex is a small program written in Go for managing “serverless” architecture via AWS Lambda, allowing you to focus on code instead of infrastructure.

I started Apex because I’ve been working on a number of product ideas as a solo engineer, I can’t afford to spend time managing and maintaining machines if I’m going to have a successful product as a single person team. I love Amazon’s Elastic Container Service, but even managing and maintaining clusters of machines and the ECS agent is a lot of overhead if you don’t need the additional flexibility.

AWS Lambda has some limitations, as you cannot install system libraries and so on, but for many problems it can be a great solution. The main problem with Lambda and API Gateway is that the usability just isn’t there, so Apex is an attempt to fix this!

The project has already been seeing some great contributions and we’ve just released v0.4.1, so I’ll do a quick run through of Apex so far.

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